100 Thousand People Leave The Country

This is so embarrassing that it hurts me to even mention that I am Puerto Rican. I know that our local Government is raising taxes, water, electricity, food, gasoline and medication but does that give us a right to abandon our soil? We were born in this land and why not protect it? Why not cultivate our soil with produce, so that we can grow into a better future? Those who leave this soil are not thinking about what can happen if things out there goes wrong. I am sure that 99.9% of the 100 Thousand people DO NOT have a proper education, making our people look worst than it is.

Ok; so those that leave want a better life but they leave without preparation. No Education, no legal checks (Housing, etc). Think twice before making a decision here people. Did you know that senior citizens have to stay in our island alone? I guarantee that 100% of our society will be affected very soon if we keep forcing our own ambitions into a deep black sea, we will drown in our own stupidity.

Keep in mind that 100 thousand people and we are in an economic crisis. Living in Puerto Rico is much cheaper and less stress if you stop and think. The United States are having issues as well and jobs are hard to find. Not only that you need to learn the most valuable language (ENGLISH). The majority of the Puerto Ricans do not speak or write english, so what will they do next? These people are not taking time to calculate the negative behind such a bold move.

Why not spend that money here?

If we were to look into the math part it would be obvious that these people, including our Government do not use common sense. The education is not there at all. Lets run a small example here.

100 Thousand People

$1.00 x 100 thousand = 100 thousand Dollars

The taxes can be paid and our debt can be balanced if we take responsibility to what we need to do. We also can rebuild our local communities, providing our children with places to go to where they can learn something new. If we escape from our duties, we will never see progress. This country needs better education in an urgent way. I believe that we can overcome this problem, only if we stick together.

If you want to see progress, in my next post I will show you how $30.00 can help you and the future of our children. We need to grow and think together. For those who stay in Puerto Rico, we need to help each other in order to survive these crazy economical times.


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