Do You Work From Home?

Many of us do not like the idea of getting up at 4am to take the bus or train to work, waiting for hours if a delay occurs at a moments notice, even driving to work is a pain in the kneck. Working from home has its advantages and its disadvantages. I enjoy working from home, it provides me with some moments of peace, even though there is no actual boss or other people breathing down my kneck. Being my own boss is 100% beneficial because I have been able to make time in my weekly schedule for my family as well as personal time so that I can take care of my health.

Working from home has provided the time needed to take care of my home as well. These are some of the great advantages of being my own boss. I work 40+ hours a week on and off. I also help my wife with her side business, she is a certified beautician .  By the way, I receive free hair cuts, etc, my wife is great and I love her.  Now that you see the advantages, let us look at the disadvantages that we face working from home.

  1. No actual face to face communication with people
  2. Having to work near the kitchen
  3. If you have children at home, you need to attend to them

If you work from home, what are your experiences? Do you enjoy working from home? What exactly do you do? Does it work for you? Is it legit? I keep myself busy all week find things to do that bring me money. Wearing all kinds of hats, I learn something new everyday.

So if you enjoy writing or working from home, do not stop and keep moving forward

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