The World That Never Sleeps

Crazy as it may seem, today people do not use common sense. I read the news everyday and it seems like people are loosing their minds, acting so ridiculous. I think people need to start sleeping more and disconnect from their computers, cellphones, etc for a maximum of 8 hours a day to re-boot their bodies and brains. I see people online all day and night. When are you going to sleep? Right now it is 3:16am and I tried to sleep. During the day I catch some rest due to the fact that I have to get things done. This world never sleeps. Have you noticed that when you do not sleep, you tend to make awkward decisions?

Eight hours a day should be enough to get your bodies chemicals back on track. Considering that we have a full days of work but sometimes work has to wait. Our health comes first here. I enjoy blogging but I also need to rest. I log off on all my accounts so that I can find time for myself. Logging off for eight hours a day not hurt at all. Logging of helps your eyes rest as well, staying active in front of the screen strains your eyes and locks down your joints and muscles.

The world never sleeps indeed


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