What Is Plagiarism?

Good Morning, 5 am and I see updated blogs.But 99.9% of these blogs are not original, in fact the information provided in these blogs were pasted. Did you know that PLAGIARISM is a form of stealing copyrighted material? It is ok to copy a small bit of information but you also need to have professionalism, respect for the work other people do. You need to follow the writers code of ethics in order to prosper in your own work.

Considering the information being researched, you need to give credit to those who provided the information. I like to be original. This post is an original post, based on my thoughts and views. It is a serious issue when you steal someone elses work and pass it as your own. Writers need to be aware of this at all times when looking for things to write about. The work that goes into a post is so much time that goes into it, that credit needs to be given.

I do hope that my fellow bloggers use more common sense and post original materials here. We as bloggers have a responsibility to our readers, to provide legit and honest work. It is so gratifying to know that we get credit from our own sweat and time spent doing research. Every post we write should come within our own thoughts.

Be Original and Don’t Steal Other Writers Work 


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