Hatred Among Us

The world would be a safer and happy place if religion was private and respected

Our religious beliefs has been put to a test among the radical thinking groups. Not one of us is made perfect in this world. Everyone of us has a religion that corresponds to our own faith. Nobody has the right to tell others what they should believe in at all. These radical groups want to rule the world and enforce their own religion upon the rest of the world. 

Religion should be very private, never letting it spread or mixed with politics or anything else, Everyone fights or kills over things that are not under their control. This world is a mixed world, we live by our own culture, our own habits. Everyone wants to have control of their land. We have a democracy, laws for a reason. I do not condone any crime, hate crime is a shameful cowardly act.

We all need to bring peace among each other in order to live a better and healthier life. This process takes in account “One Neighbor at a time”. There is a reason behind a persons hatred and we need to try to help that person. These people need to find themselves. Helping others does not require religion, it requires an act of kindness. Kindness is what ¬†will bring peace among us all.¬†

Be kind to someone in need and see for yourself how your life will change.  Pass it forward, one person at a time.

This world needs to start getting along


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