Relationships That Goes Around In Circles

Couples today do not believe that they can overcome the negative side of their relationship

When couples find other things to do, they will find everything boring within the relationship, causing a serious issue because once you lose communication with your significant other, the value disappears. I Know that times are hard. Given the fact that we as humans have the tendency to overlook at what we have in front of us. Nothing is worst than not paying attention to your significant other.

Ignoring the person causes problems that cannot be solved, unless both sit down and fix it. I am in a strong relationship, we both do things together. We solve problems together. You can say that this is a tight circle because we do not hold back on anything. On the other hand all couples face different issues.

Can you overcome these issues?

Yes of course you can overcome these issues. All you need to do is open up that communication. Couples today hold so many secrets, so much past that it will hurt the relationship. Cheating is another part that you see happening in relationships that have no communication.  Overcoming these issues should be a priority.

This is why you see violence, disrespect and so much crime. Keeping secrets alone violates the relationship trust. Onces you hold a secret, your relationship is over!!

If you want to save your relationship, you must start to take away negative communications.  Keep your relationship private. By  that I mean “STOP”posting every detail about your life on Facebook and other social sites.  If your looking to solve a problem, you need to look somewhere else.

 I will update this post but would like your feedback to continue. Your feedback means a lot to me as I can look at the post in more details and add more. Hope to hear from you..


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