Negative Promotions Leads To Violence


Violence is so high that the numbers are embarrassing to us all. These issues will never be solved because nobody does their research into the real cause of the violence. Here is the latest shooting. These violent episodes are created, nobody is born a criminal. This shooter was a person who was isolated from people, he was fascinated with weapons. I am 100% positive that at home he watched violent movies, heard violent music and played violent video games. 

It is sad how people like the shooter are not the focus of our problems. This causes a huge problem with how we think. How we think is one of the major causes of this issue at hand. Society wants crime in the headlines, we give criminals the key to the door of our own stupidity. Criminals are the number one source in Hollywood. These promotions are giving a negative message to our people who at this time do not have the proper education to divide the fantasy from reality.

They copy and paste what they see on television and the theaters. I for one see this as the cause, the root of the violence. Children are tought to hate at an early age, producing this kind of mentality. If a child grows up in a violent home, he will grow up with a violent mind. There are toy guns as well, see the problem here?  Let’s stop for a second, if you have a family member who seems isolated from society, you need to open your eyes and ears more. Pay attention to your loved ones, peace, love and compassion starts at home.

Education really starts at home. We need to Stop promoting violence period in order to start taking control of our safety. Bringing our lost loved ones back from the dark and isolated world they live in.

Here I share an Example of what Hollywood Promotes