Loud Mouth Neighbor or Common Sense


Neighbors are sometimes great to have around, other times it just becomes a pain in the neck

So yea; it’s 9 PM and the neighbors intend to always come home late, in the mean time the male neighbor likes to yell at his wife on a constant basis. Today was a quiet day, lucky for me because we had a Super Moon, so time went by slowly without our annoying neighbor around. This guy is a nice guy when he wants to be, only when the time is right for him. At this point, the rest of my neighbors have gathered to complain to each other of this situation.

Our neighbor smokes like a chimney, wow; does he smoke. He is always smoking and yelling at his wife, making commands as to what she needs and does not need to do. He complains about everything she does. In the mean time, she needs to attend to her elderly mom who is wheelchair bound and cannot do anything for herself. My neighbor does not want his wife to attend to her mothers needs. He wants her to attend to his needs.

What is wrong with people today and their over controlling ways? This has become such a sticky situation that it hurts to even call the authorities on my neighbor. Mind you I do not want enemies or burn any bridges behind me. It has become very hard to make a decision because he has helped us before when needed. Calling the authorities or the landlord will just become another gasoline tank filled and spilled over the existing fire, causing major damage.

Has far as my other neighbors, they want to take action. But this brings me to the “Loud Mouth Neighbor or Common Sense” point. Should I use common sense and ignore this? Or should I confront the loud mouth neighbor and bring an end to this? There is a 50/50 chance here as the decision gets very hard.

Anyway; for now, I am not calling the authorities or the landlord, keeping my ears open and my eyes wide open. Let’s see what occurs in the next few days. Hope he can change because this is upsetting as it is. 2:30 AM and there is silence, hope it stays this way for a long time.

What would you do if this was your neighbor?