Scam Alert Within Real Legit Offers

How many legit companies pay for online jobs?

I have seen so many online job offers, they all require an investment with high returns but no real jobs. The internet is filled with scams that are too good to be true. Invest $10.00 and make $10,000.00 in one hour. People actually believe in this and send money right away.

Money in a real business grows slowly

This society wants to make money fast without actually setting time apart or goals. What is happening within the realm of the cyber age is what I call “Cyber Theft from the blind”. We are blind to the fact that people steal from us because of our greedy ego. Yes; greedy ego. When we work a 9-5 job, we receive a weekly or bi-weekly check, while we bust a sweat working 40 hours a week, that check is accumulating some funds.

There are so many people who work hard, getting up early, coming home late. Others want money directly placed in their hands without busting a sweat. It feels great to receive a check after 40 hours of hard work. So why try to scam huh? Money comes to us from hard work, not sitting around with hands open, ready to receive. There are offers that are legit, people are making real money working online. But it is not easy to find such work these days.

What are legit online jobs?

I work hard providing my readers with content. I’m also seeing other bloggers looking for paid work. The internet is overloaded with job offers and workers seeking something to do. So, what are legit online jobs? We decide to write reviews, make opinions and write for other blogs. I decided to dedicate more time to my blog. It all started as a hobby but this hobby is costing me some money. This is where I stop and look at my options, sending a huge light bulb above my head. I put in roughly a few hours a day doing research, writing some drafts, editing. Meanwhile time is flying by, oh of course some people might say; this is not a job but consider the amount of time, energy and investment that goes into a blog.

Are we looking for an easy way out? Jobs today are hard to find, we may work part-time as plumbers, computer repairs, etc. I tell ya; writing is a form of stress release and a good way to share information. 

I want to hear from people who are currently working online and are actually earning a decent income. Because this is what we do on a day-to-day basis. I run an online store and also am opening my own children entertainment rental company. So I do have legit work. I keep myself busy. 

Be Aware Of Scams within Legit Offers