Do We Really Have Friends On Facebook?

Facebook has come a long way. But what is wrong with the people you become friends with? They never rarely chat, they get online but not even a hello pops up. It’s annoying, even though there are so many post but in reality there is no communication at all. It is not surprising to know that we all have people just sitting there on our friends list.

In other words, people do not like to chat at all. It happens all the time, there is so much silence that it hurts. So if your on Facebook and it is completely asleep, wake up your friends. This is not a joke.. We need to learn how to use Facebook as far as communication goes. Do we really have friends on Facebook? Sometimes it feels awkward to log in and see green lights but no responses. People need to wake up and learn how to be more social on Facebook.

I am very social and like to say hello but it is rude not to say hello back or even respond to an instant message. So I will tell you this “WAKE UP ALREADY”, say hello to your friends for once in your life, it does not hurt. I appreciate that people get on the friends list but do yourself a favor and say hello.