Social Ghost ( A Waste Of Time )

Can we really see a trend on Twitter and other social sites where people actually communicate and do business?

I have been online for many years, all I see is people who follow or add you as a friend. But there is a real social problem here. Nobody actually likes to communicate and if they do, they want to sell you something or ask you for follow backs.

It’s annoying having people who are only here to gain a follower but are not here to be real friends or business associates. It feels like Christmas ornaments, you use them once and store them away for a year collecting dust. Having a huge list of followers is great, only if you’re a real person with real stuff to offer. Why do you follow if you do not want to communicate?

I am tired of seeing my list grow but no actual interaction. Who are you? Where are you from? What brings you to these social sites? Questions that 99.9% of the people cannot answer because they are not legit. In other words, you are a total FAKE!!!

Fake accounts cause unwanted space to be taken away and it looses our time. Wasting our space and time is so disturbing. These accounts should be blocked and removed from the internet, The majority of the people are here to meet new people, communicate with fellow business associates or clients, not to horse around and pass the day wondering who they are.

There has to be a line between social and ghost accounts. Social ghost is a total waste of time.  Give and take the amount of time it takes to bring in followers, all the hard work it takes to write, advertise, etc, then boom! Your hit with ghost account.. That is why I am taking my time to start a total clean up of my social accounts. Yes; I will not only delete but block all ghost accounts. The times are changing and I do not have time for games.

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