The Past Can Help

I am looking into the past as part of my study of the current situation with  depression, etc. Depression affects millions of people. In fact this symptom causes people to actually stop living.

Everyone has a different past but realise that past can help you in the present.  Why stop living? My past has helped me to secure and answer all my problems in the present.

Keep in mind that we tend to suffer our past but never try to unlock its powerful message in the present.

The answer to your present happiness is really in the past. It sounds odd but im telling it how I have seen it.

I’ve heard the expression, leave the past in the past. But how do we expect to leave the past if our past is filled with errors, accomplishments, etc?

See what I mean? Contrary to belief, we need our past now than ever. Not everyone thinks that because of their past errors that were made.

Our past is scary for sure. But we need to fix our present so that we will not ruin our future.