Tough Assignment Can Change Your Life

Living in a world of unknowns is terrible. I see so much hatred, destruction over things that are really childish. People are not living to their own standards. Everyone wants more without working hard at it. I am going to challenge one family for one year and see if they can change their lives around while trying to build a positive relationship with themselves.

Why am I challenging a family? Because this is the time to re-think how we manage our own minds, how we look for ways to pick up our negatives and move on with more positives. Action speaks louder than word. So I am going to ask my readers to help a bit and make a donation to my blog so that I can continue on my mission to help others.

Everyone needs to stop complaining and start doing something great and productive in their lives in order to make a change, so that everyone can live in peace and harmony. I see no excuses for not changing, face your daily challenges and see for yourself how you can improve on all that negative stuff in your life.

You must live in Puerto Rico to qualify for this challenge and must have a family in need. So wanna be a part of this? 

So if you have a family that is in need and want to take up this challenge, contact me via this post. I am here to make a difference in your life. If I can change my life, you can to. 


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