Alarming Rate Of Departures From The Island

Puerto Ricans are leaving in an alarming rate, all because our government is totally ignoring our citizens. Why are taxes, electricity, water being raised? Our community is falling apart. The people behind the political decisions are not thinking about the poor people here in the island.  These people are seeking a better opportunity elsewhere, where they can supplement their income and provide a better future for their kids.

I tell ya; it’s embarrassing to see this situation grow out of control. I want to see things change for the better. This island will soon look like a ghost island, no more commercial and no more housing. I see among the rich, that are succeeding but are not providing back for the community.

The rich is a small group that will only last so much. The more expensive things get, the more the pocket gets empty. There is no common sense anymore, when the poor needs assistance. The government really needs to pay attention to the real needs of its people. Or we are going to see an island full of disaster and more poverty.