The worst week of a womans life

Did you know that women suffer from one of the most uncomfortable things on earth? Men do not realize how women feel when they begin their cycle. This is such an embarrassing moment during the week. Most women get their menstrual period on a regular basis, which they know exactly the start and end date but others suffer the irregular periods that cause so much discomfort and stress.

Women get what is called menstrual cramps. These menstrual cramps cause pain that can destroy a good day. Some women bleed in small amounts and others in huge amounts. But this is a normal part of life. Do men actually help their woman in days like this? I help my wife on her days like this. My commitment to her is 100% making her feel better. Some people find it odd that I go out and buy her pads, it has become part of my shopping habit that will never stop.

I also wash her bloody soaked panties if needed. One thing that has helped her is what I call “Vaginal Massage”, this massage is given in slow circular motion. This helps with the blood flow and inflammation. When these days arrive I prepare for the week, so that I may give my wife some comfort and most important all my attention.

Women need to have these days for themselves and never be embarrassed when it arrives. My advice, always carry clean underwear and extra pads so that you will not be caught in an awkward situation. I prepare everything ahead of time so that my wife can relax, like a real princess that she is. I love her and there is nothing that I will not do to help her in any way.

Men, remember to take care of your wife or girlfriend” She is special in your life, she deserves all the attention in the world. Above all show her some respect! 

Men also need to help their women in the shower. Women need to wash well their vagina and back because blood tends to travel and dry up, causing small blood clogs and infection. Women need help with this so that they can feel clean and fresh, starting a new day with a positive attitude.