How Many Bloggers Are In Puerto Rico?

The internet is filled with the same old news, even blogs are on copy and paste mode. It seems that all the information is getting boring. I believe that as bloggers we should bring in information that is not being covered. These topics are all the same, the only difference is the type of platform being used. I think that we as bloggers should start thinking outside the box and bring in topics that is not in the mainstream.

I know that we can cover our local area pretty good in order to find interesting topics. I myself am doing some research on my local community to bring in more ideas. I am a local blogger with a desire to learn as I go.Ā We as bloggers do not have to offend people, we just need to use some common sense and some good work ethics. So how many bloggers are in Puerto Rico? It amazes me that with so many people complaining about different things but do not have a blog to voice their opinion.

I see a change in the way we communicate and that is good. I am really looking forward to seeing more local bloggers, so that we can interconnect information. The more we share with our community, the better the progress in spreading the word out. So if your a local blogger, feel free to connect and let’s find and share topics that nobody knows about. Not everybody comes out in the news when something great occurs.

We are bloggers who can make a difference


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