Married To Your Employer?

I know for a fact that many people are married to their jobs. They spend 40 hours plus hours and sometimes cover someone elses shift. It’s nice to work and receive a check but what happens when the job starts controlling you? I remember working 40 hours plus, those exciting days where im making enough money to spend the weekend in party mode. Party mode is a must! Yea right; try that again.

Now, after all that stressful week, the party mode has been shut down. Why? Because your body and mind cannot take it anymore. This happens because our job demands from us more and more. This is a health hazard when you look at it from another angle. If you see yourself more tired, arguing with your family or friends, then maybe it’s time to check back on your employer. Your employer is driving you insane and to the extreme.

Taking time off helps, if your employer is over working you and you cannot solve your situation a work, then it’s time to move on and look for something else. Cut back on your hours at work. Normal working hours are 40 hours. So learn to relax more and enjoy your free time. stop being married to your employer, it’s not healthy for you.