Where Did Common Sense Go?

When it comes down to common sense, where are those brains located? I tell ya; there has to be a limit to what causes people to progress in their action without first thinking. My neighbor, along with my wife decide to cook at the same time. Weird as it sounds  though, they both turn on the microwave, in the mean time my wife is also running the electrical cooker.

Now to my surprise, the electricity in the kitchen and bathroom shut off. The power that comes from the microwave are enough to bust the breaker, causing us 1/2 darkness. Well 1/2 the food is done, so I might as well take it easy. I tell ya, the adventures never stop here. So as time goes by we will see what happens next.

Where did common sense go? Well, im on a mission once again to recover my wifes common sense. I love her with all my heart. She just wants to do things a little too fast without trying to control her thinking. We do have lots on our mind and agenda, so another adventure gets added to our list.