Technical Issues With Cellphones Cause Major Problems


I have been receiving complaints by my neighbors over problems with their cellphones. These phones today are having too many technical issues. They over heat constantly, causing the phone’s battery not to charge properly. These new phones are a huge headache, even though they have great features. Too many applications make the phone loose memory, causing the phone to stop working and receiving text messages as well as calls.

The applications cause the phones to overload. Some applications are pre-installed, causing a huge problem because those applications are not in use and cannot be deleted.  Sometimes the technical issues cause the phone to stop working properly or it stops receiving WiFi signals.

These complaints are not being solved by the companies who sell and provide services, causing another issue which was explained in my past post. I have concluded that the only way to solve this issue is by having common sense.

Lets take a look at your phone. If it feels hot, shut it off, place it in front a fan or place the phone in a secured area in the refrigerator  “Avoid getting the phone wet”, leave it placed for a few minutes in front of a fan so that the battery cools down, if placing in the refrigerator, leave it for a 10 seconds or a minute.

Once the battery cools down, take out the battery,  this will reset the phone. Leave the battery out for 5 minutes, once you place it back on the phone, make sure that the phone charges. Always charge your phone when the battery indicator reaches 10% and the phone provides a message to connect your charger.