How To Focus More At Home

There is no doubt that the majority of the time people spend their time focusing on other people.  What kind of world are we living in? We want to be better than anyone else; but do not realize how much that is affecting our own home. Have you even bothered to look at all those problems that have accumulated for years? It feels like your filling a bucket full of nails and are too afraid to spill it because you might get hurt.

That bucket full of nails is already causing you serious pain. But that does not stop you from pushing your ego into another persons life. There are so many people who enjoy pushing others, telling them what to do or how to live their lives. Granted some people enjoy being better than others.  If your neighbor buys a $25,000.00 vehicle, you want to go ahead and buy a $50,000.00 vehicle. Catch my point? 

When you do this, your just showing your bad ego side. This type of situation brings the focus from home to an out of focus home.  Now that is something we need more time to work on if your ego has gone too far.  When you realize that the problems at home have accumulated to the extent where even your marriage falls apart, might be too late.

Considering that most people really have nothing better to do, we tend to get into arguments, protest, fights. Did you know that when you STOP focusing on your home, things fall apart? The real sad part of all this is when there are children involved. Children learn from what they see and hear. Adults lack that education to realize that children need more positive vibes in their lives.

Children tend to fail at School and at home because of these negative vibes. Remember; that your ego get transferred to your kids. So if you have a positive ego, you will pass a positive ego to your kids.  How can I focus more at home? Follow and practice good focusing. Concentrate on your family first before you concentrate on your ego. Make a list of all the things that are falling apart. Create a bond between you and your significant other so that you can resolve the issues at home without arguing or fighting.

“If you cannot solve a problem today, leave it for another day”

“But above all;  forget about what others say or do and focus more on your home before it’s too late”




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