The Worst Customer Service Experience

Companies have a serious problem in their hands. These problems are causing major stress, headache with so many clients. The services provided by certain companies are ok, but they need to focus on customer service.  How many times have we called their line and was transferred to another department or they hang up while you sit there waiting? The employees of these companies lack education. They are rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate of the person on the other line. Not only does this occur over the phone, it occurs on the online chat platform. It has become so annoying.  On the other hand these clients are afraid to voice their concern to the proper management department of these companies.

I know by experience that these issues are the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction with the company. Let us not forget that once you head over to their location, you need to take a number, stand on-line or sit and wait for a long time. Once you reach the counter, provide your account details, they have the nerve to tell you that you need to contact customer service via their hotline.  Now that really puts our nerves on standby. They do not consider the time it takes to locate a parking spot, gasoline, the waiting time at their office, so they can basically kick you out of there store or office.

If you have had these problems with customer service, do not be afraid to voice your opinion, we pay for a service and require the best customer service from these companies.


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