Why Puerto Ricans Make Bad Decisions

Puerto Rico residents¬†face a real serious challenge when it comes to making the right decisions. Packing your bags and leaving your soil is a bad decision. ¬†Learn to¬†adjust¬†to your current situation. Sometimes this requires sacrifices. ¬†Removing stuff that you do not need in your home is essential to your daily living. ¬† One of the biggest decisions we face is “Political”.¬† Our society is focused too much on our political system. This puts a real strain on what happens at home. Not only do residents focus more on political issues, they focus on the local news, which puts more stress into our daily living.

“Focusing more in our family will bring better results”

The complaints are overwhelming in the island about how the Government cannot help them. People need to learn that the Government does not owe them anything. That is why there is so much stress and wars. In the next articles I will show you how to focus more at home,  how to attend to your families need, how to create a budget that will benefit you and your loved ones, how you can benefit from paying your dues to the Government (IVO-IVA).

There is nothing more gratifying than paying your dues and only worrying about your family needs. You and your family are more important, so start to focus more at home.