Crisis In Puerto Rico

It’s amazing how political decisions affect all businesses. The crisis in Puerto Rico can be fixed by supporting all your local business ventures. Some companies are already open for business or have been in operation for so many years.  What is not surprising is the fact that people are escaping the island. Why would you escape your own soil? We need to pick up ourselves in order to have progress. Escaping does not help at all. For those who stay the struggle continues.

Many are struggling on a daily basis to put food on the table. The majority are on food stamps, receiving housing but with that alone the economy is out of balance. I cannot say that the island is in bad shape, there are too many reports that do claim that the island is bankrupt. I will tell you this, the island has lot’s of investments within our communities.  The problem facing our country is the lack of proper education. If reports showed the positive side of our real finances, we would not feel a crisis coming.  Let alone the real problem of high crime, homelessness. 

This community is run by the political games, stop playing games and let’s focus on the real issues facing this country. This is a beautiful island with lots of culture and history.  If the people got together to support their local businesses things would change for the better.