Bloggers Mysterious World

Blogging is a technic that is learned day by day. We as bloggers look for an easy way to post our daily thoughts. WordPress has an easy platform but many are still struggling to get it all in order

Bloggers live in their own mysterious world. writing content on a daily basis, we all see a spread of different ideas, thoughts, feelings. The mystery behind this world is unique as the internet grows, allowing for a deeper field of wide-spread information and communication, connecting our minds. We sit at our desk, jotting down ideas, resetting our goals. Creating a list of possible things to do within a 24 hour basis. We enjoy writing; our passions leads us on a constant basis for one common goal, to provide the world with information. Some of us do this has a hobby and others get paid to write.

The world around us is a School, we learn as we go. A lot of people say that blogging is a waste of time, it will not bring you an income. I cannot agree or disagree on that matter because everyone is different with all kinds of views. We stand in aw while listening to others speak so that we can gather information, we are like detectives without a badge. Some of us bloggers have a full operational profile with photo, while others hide behind their computers.

Bloggers List

Not all is fun and games when it comes to blogging, we face many challenges here..

  • The idea of taking photos in public is a challenge due to privacy issues
  • Traveling to locations in order to find something new or exciting
  • Meeting new people as we go along the way
  • Creating streams of networks to improve traffic
  • Searching for software to improve our storage capacity for photos, etc
  • Keeping up to date with mainstream media
  • Creating a list of meditation music to find inner peace

This bloggers world is our most valuable world

Not everyone is fit to sit behind a computer, spending four to eight hours a day writing for their audience. Our hard work needs to pay off, not sure when but time will tell. I live in this mysterious world, where information leads me to find more and write more often. Give me a computer, some free time, some relaxing music and I will bring you something to read. Our minds are running all the time in order to provide everyone a decent and interesting post to read.

Welcome To My Mysterious World Of Blogging

This is my world, where I share all my thoughts and views. I take my own photos as well. Editing my post and finding new sources for a better outcome. I welcome you to my mysterious world of blogging, hope that you can enjoy my blog. If you have any ideas, feel to comment, I’m not going to bite; jajajaja!!!