Couples Working Together Keeps The Fire Going 24/7

It may seem like the most unpleasant part of a relationship but I have experienced so many faults, arguments, break ups, over a simple thing that lot’s of couples oversee. “Couples working together keeps the fire going 24/7”.  I met my wife 5 years ago, we got married December 27, 2014. We became the best of friends, sharing every moment, bad, good.

Painful times were there but overcame with the passion to admire each other, listen to one another

Believe it or not, we have always been together 24/7. We cook together as well, we share thoughts, ideas, etc. As we spend quality time together, we have become so close, that we can sense when something is bothering each other. Working together is one of the best “Time Managements” that we put together in order to live happy. 

The most important part of being together 24/7 is the ability to keep our communication open, we are an open book with “who we speak with or become friends with. Our relationship has given us the opportunity to protect each other from those people who do not respect our relationship. Our social networks are fully open to each other. There are no secrets or hidden passwords to our computers, cellphone, e-mails; etc.

Living as “One” complete heart, brings us so close, that it is very hard to stay away from each other no more than 5 minutes. We always find a way to communicate

Everyday is “Valentines Day” for my wife, she is special to me. I love her with all my heart.  We always keep a promise, never to cheat on each other, never to loose each other.

Caring for one another is always a priority in our relationship. Keeping our sex life on fire 24/7, our hearts together as one forever. “Happy Valentines Day” especially to my beautiful wife.