Puerto Rico Business Success

Coming to Puerto Rico was a bit challenging due to the health and passing of my grandfather.  I have been here about six months, seen lot’s of places.  Met a great person who has made me happy.

While I visited beaches, bars and some local businesses, I observed the neighborhoods, noticed that many locations are empty with signs for lease, rent or sale.  I have been researching the local classifieds, also noticed that many business owners are very anxious to sell their businesses.

My concern is why. Why are they so anxious to sell? Why are the prices so low and in some places high?  http://www.xpatulator.com/outside.cfm?lid=254.   The opportunity to progress in Puerto Rico is huge.  The cost of living in Puerto Rico is low, so people can afford reasonable rents.  But what happens when the residents do not think positive and moves things forward?

In my next blog I will cover issues concerning the thinking of the residents in the island.  Many people are so talented but yet seek the advantages to succeed in life.   If your talented and seeking employment, why can’t you start a business?  What is stopping you from starting that business?  I am going to guide you through each step to succeed in life.  So let’s get started with a simple plan.


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