We Have Lost All Compassion For Humanity

When will we start seeing compassion in people? The world is in a real crisis, created by hatred and greed. It seems that everyone is on this planet alone. Nobody is getting along, people want to force others into doing things they’re way. Violence has taken over our society. This is sad, wrong. Our own children are mislead in life due to adults losing the battle with they’re mental instabilities. Enough is enough ny friends. We all must come together in peace and harmony. Let’s educate ourselves some ethics in life by showing compassion to our fellow humans.


We Are Losing Ourselves In The Abyss

It is very disturbing to see people like zombies running through our community. People are not using logic in they’re daily lives. This is why nothing ever gets solved.

Are we running into an abyss?

Common sense has been lost as well. Fix your situation at home before trying to fix others. Use common sense. Maybe education needs to change as well. Wake up my friends because life is getting more complicated as the days go by. We are losing ourselves in the abyss.

Puerto Rico Will Starve

Puerto Rico prepares for another round of abuse. With this Federal shutdown, all Food Stamp recepients might lose benefits. Leaving many people hungry and in need. We cannot keep living in a world filled with Political abuse. Despite the current situation, we are a strong community. A Government shutdown for long periods are a serious problem. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.