Waking Up – Time For Breakfast 

Good morning my fellow bloggers, visitors. It’s time to be productive, even though it’s the weekend. I’ve had enough time to relax. I hope everyone is doing fine. Business has to get done. So today I’m going to be reading my past post so that i can catch up on my blog. It seems like it’s going to rain again today. Anyway, time to reboot my mind and body, headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. I will be back soon. 

Have a great day my friends. 

Where Are The Real Connections?

Sometimes we wonder, where are the real connections. These friends are the ones who are willing to go beyond their duties to help another. Right now I’m in Puerto Rico. So if you are thinking of taking a vacation here, you will have a real connection. So, next time you come to Puerto Rico, feel free to connect with me. 

With a decent donation, I can help you as a guide. Fluent in English and Spanish. A true friend will be there when needed.