Wet Monday

Monday, morning showers and it’s cold. Feeling Under the weather with a cough that has lasted a few days. It seems like we are in for a cold and wet week. Let’s see how I feel later as I need to keep moving this blog forward. I’m still battling the 40 day challenge. Last night I also lost half of my apartments electric power. Let’s see what surprise the day will bring.


Lost Valuable Time

It has been awhile since my last post. I’ve been very busy lately. I’m running a cold, the weather does not help at all because it keeps raining. I’m taking over the counter medication for my cold. Tomorrow I’m due for another round of errands. I can’t let these conditions stop me from moving forward. I will be updating soon.

Power Washing A Roof Top

I’ve been very busy working today. Opening a business in Puerto Rico is not an easy task. Building my client list is essential for success. The hot weather put a bit of a strain but the job had to get done. Today I was power washing a roof top, did not finish the side walks or walls due to a drastic change in the weather, it started raining. Power Washing business is a great business. Tomorrow I will be up early to get a head start before the weather changes, I need to finish this job tomorrow.