Education In Puerto Rico Is Not A Priority

Puerto Rico is suffering from lack of education, this is due to the fact that our people do not pay attention in class. I run a few groups on Facebook with heavy breathing because in these groups I have rules that need to be followed. But looking deep into the situation, nobody wants to agree to the rules or even bother to read them. I also have instructions so that the group can be well-organized. Yet; nobody seems to care, meaning breaking all the rules and avoiding what I have put out there to keep things in order. I am realising that education is not a priority for my fellow Puerto Ricans.

This is a huge problem because nothing gets done in time. Following orders seems very hard for people. Some people do pay attention and are doing things right but the majority think that they are the ones Administrating the groups. I do hope that they will start reading the rules soon. RULES ARE RULES! IM THE BOSS IN MY GROUP!!!

By the way I have added the Facebook page, feel free to give us a “LIKE”, it will be appreciated very much. The name of the page is called (SE VENDE TODO SIN IVU).

Puerto Rico Is Not Facing A Humanitarian Crisis

Despite all the news about how Puerto Rico is facing a huge crisis. Residents here are buying food, hanging out, they are up to date with their water, electricity bills. It doesn’t seem like a Crisis to me. I believe that lies are being told about the current status of our island. People seem to be passing day by day like nothing is wrong. I will be updating this post soon with proof that Puerto Rico is not facing a Humanitarian Crisis at all.

The world is seeing a different view of what’s really happening within our community. Open your eyes to all the Political lies being spread in the Main Stream Media.