The World Is Unstable

It seems that we are losing control over our minds. World leaders are actually losing control of their own minds. Causing our communities to lose control as well. We cannot keep living like this anymore. Our world leaders are using us for their own gain but this means war and sacrifices among us the innocent people. 

We must stop our world leaders from causing wars, which will destroy us all. This nonsense that is going on is all about who is more powerful than the other. Nobody is more powerful than each other. We all live in the same planet. We breath the same air.. STOP CAUSING WARS!!!

Feeling Under The Weather

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling under the weather. It feels like I have the flu. I don’t have the flu because I was at my primary doctor the other day and they had the air-conditioning full blast. Mind you that I did not have a proper attire to protect myself. What did I know that is was cold in that office! Anyway here I am trying to get motivated so that I can start focusing on writing once again. It has been hard for me to keep my eyes open. I’m taking care of myself but on top of me being sick, it has been raining as well. I’m hoping for a quick recovery. 

Stress Can Be Avoided

We tend to always run against the clock. Trying to be at a certain place on time. In fact this is impossible because no matter how many times we try to beat the clock, the clock will always beat us first. Stress can be avoided. Simply by relaxing and not running against the clock. Take a deep breath and forget that your clock exist.

It Feels Like 100 Degrees 

I’m actually in my room with two fans on and it feels like 100 degrees here. My room is so hot that the door knob is hot. I do have the room ventilated, windows open, door open but the heat is intense. My only option at this point is to drink lots of cold water, take a nice cold shower to bring down the body temperature. My apartment is ventilated. But the heat is definitely a battle that continues. I’m not able to sleep at all. You know the heat is intense, when door knobs, walls and furniture are hot when touched. It is 3am here, I’m going to be breaking night once again. Luckily it’s Saturday. I don’t have much to worry about this weekend. 

Zombies Are Real 

Society has lost its capacity to think and make wise decisions. Everyone seems to be out of control. Decisions are made without actually thinking about the consequences. Where has society gone to? Everything around us is somehow different. People walk around like zombies. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. You may at times ask a person a simple question about any subject, they will stare at you like your dumb. When they finally realize the question, they will respond in a zombie like mode a total different answer that has nothing to do with the current question. Zombies are real! 

Errands Running Smoothly

Well, I’ve been busy since this morning. I left the house at 6:30am, waited for the public bus. I can say that today the public transportation has been on time. Giving me just a few hours to finish running errands. Today has been a productive day indeed. Now it is time to eat, I’m hungry. 

Waking Up With A Positive Attitude

Good morning everyone. It’s Tuesday morning. It has been a very long weekend. This month is going by too fast. We need to start waking up with a positive attitude everyday because life is too short to be in a negative path. When we start changing our attitude towards life, things will come easy. Your attitude will always determine the course of your future