It’s Time To Hustle With This Blog

The weekend has arrived. I’m going to start focusing on my blog. I don’t have a specific nitch to offer as far as content goes. I post as my day goes along. More like a public diary.

There has been a hectic schedule this month. I would like to make a few changes to my blog. The opportunity to go live as well has been put aside. My YouTube video is on hold for now.

I’m actually looking forward to more support from my local community as well. Exposure is very important if I want to be successful with this blog.

I know that content is important but my busy schedule keeps me from blogging.

It is time to get hustling with this blog. So, I’ve been thinking of changing my schedule around, so that I can have time to post.

It’s time to hustle!!


Visiting Lost Family Members

Today was a special day. Visited lost family members at the cemetery. Sometimes we need to move away from reality and focus on our lost loved ones. An empty soul has been filled today. The Holidays are not completely lost as we think, when we still have our family in our hearts.

Cock Fighting – Game Over

Cock Fighting has become the debate in Washington, DC this past few days. Congress has decided to prohibit the activity of cock fighting in Puerto Rico. This has brought many people to the table against the prohibitions of this activity. It will eventually be a Federal offence to operate a cock fighting event. Odd as it may seem but this is actually occurring in Puerto Rico. What can we expect? We are a territory of the United States. Anything can happen from day to day.